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We provide coaching and capital
to the most promising early-stage disruptive startups
in The Netherlands.
We help startups reach profitable growth & financial independence and deliver investors more predictable startup success by applying deep expertise in the principles of disruption theory

As such we deliver both coaching and capital at the early 'first-round valley-of-death' stage where it is needed most.

This is proving to be invaluable to start-up teams, and offers uniquely attractive opportunities to our community of informal investors.

Our Focus

We focus exclusively on ventures in the 'first-round valley-of-death', where the need for our kind of help is most acute.


Our integrated coaching + capital approach allows us to provide must-have professional support on the principles and application of disruption theory (based on the legacy of the late Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen), plus sufficient first-round equity funding to reach profitable growth and financial independence.

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Why Start-ups Fail

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Root Causes

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Smart First-Round Capital

  • Applying the science of innovation

    • Spot pre-seed disruption potential 

    • Shape & steer profitability before growth

  • Heavy-weight coaching before capital

    • Effective form of due diligence

    • Builds mutual trust

    • Earn opportunity to become ‘investor of choice’

  • Funding by a customized coalition of informal investors

    • Trust and build the team

    • Leverage our knowledge base & principles

    • Bring in our network


Recommended by Founders


Jeroen Pennings

Consultant & Entrepreneur

 "Coenraad & Bas effectively challenged us to 'think from the problem' which saved us from making unnecessary investments before our idea has been validated"

Walter aan de Wiel


 "Thanks to the extensive and complementary experience of Coenraad and Bas, they are able to quickly understand and internalize the status and core business of our company. It quickly turned to the elementary issues involved in developing a disruptive innovation"

Jan Pecnik

 "Meeting potential investors is usually about getting to know each other and explaining the basics first. But I was actually taking notes 10 minutes into our first call with Coenraad"
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