"Our job to be done is rebuild our economy & create new jobs, by helping exceptionally talented founders build profitable growth businesses"

Coenraad de Vos van Steenwijk | Bas Kemme

Who We Are

We are Dutch venturing experts with years of international and own start-up experience, who want to contribute to the recovery of the Dutch economy and job creation, by helping talented founders build profitably growing companies.


Now there is the need and the opportunity. In our view, however, we see too high start-up failure rates. A different mindset and strategic choices with unprecedented professionalism and knowledge of, among other things, disruption theory will make the difference - especially in the pre-investment phase where professional support is often lacking.


We offer “Coaching before Capital”, pre-seed professional support to shape the idea and the team, plus first round investment with a network of the Netherlands' best innovation experts.


The best start-ups are looking for investors who can make them stronger. We are ready for you within 24 hours with our expertise and practical decisiveness.

Restore growth. Better start-ups

To Do


Restore Economic Growth 

Create New Jobs





<1 out of 10 startups 
are sustainably successful​

Why start-ups fail

Root causes

Fill the void. Pre-investment expertise

Our Job-To-Be-Done

Rebuild our economy & create new jobs, by helping exceptionally talented founders build profitable growth businesses

Value Proposition

"Coaching before Capital”:

1.Pre-seed professional support shaping idea & team

2.First round funding by a network of NL's best innovation experts

Jeroen Pennings

Consultant & Entrepreneur

 "Coenraad & Bas effectively challenged us to 'think from the problem' which saved us from making unnecessary investments before our idea has been validated"


  1. Create economic growth, new jobs

  2. Anchor on a Problem Worth Solving 

  3. Make competitors ignore you

  4. Drive disciplined experimentation 

  5. Inject exponentiality into your business 

  6. Be hungry for profit and patient for growth

  7. A team with a dream – scientists, not cheerleaders

Experts with scar tissue



After graduating in marketing econometrics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Coenraad learnt his business basics at Unilever and Philips. He then grew into the wonderful world of consumer insights and market research at BrainJuicer (now System1), a highly innovative research firm, for which he launched their first Asian office in Shanghai. After that, he moved to Singapore to start a new career in innovation, first as a consultant at Clayton Christensen's Innosight ('The McKinsey of Innovation') and then as a corporate innovation leader at energy utility company innogy (known for Essent in NL). There, he led a team of founders that produced 10 new ventures in just 1.5 years. Coenraad is currently active as a clean energy entrepreneur, disruptive innovation consultant and ofcourse early-stage investor. He is also an active, present dad for his four lovely kids, and takes up social responsibilities where needed.



Bas designed and executed global programs to optimize, transform and build new digital business models with a focus on the Consumer & Retail industry. He worked for 14 years for Booz Allen & Hamilton in Amsterdam, and 6 years in Zurich, as Head of global Strategy for an apparel company, after which he co-founded 2 companies, Mayn.co and StoreDNA.co. He returned to consulting to bring the start-up way to corporates, applying the learnings acquired at the boutique firm founded by Clayton Christensen. Besides his work at Dutch Disruptive Ventures, he actively drives the development of MDML.nl, bringing Machine Learning solutions to Consumer & Retail companies, and provides consulting to corporates on strategy and innovation. His spare time goes to windsurfing, kiteboarding and skiing, sharing the love for sports with his wife and children Max and Liv. 

Innovation Consultancy

Corporate Venturing

Own ventures


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